Best Printing Calculators for Businesses

Printing calculators can be used in all kind of businesses. Also business professionals, accountants and other financial workers do need a printing calculator for their jobs. High-quality and functional printing calculator is the only requirement for buying a Printing calculator. If you don’t need the printing functionality, please take a look at the financial calculators.

Best Printing Calculators 2017

If you are going to buy a printing calculator, obviously that’s because you need the printing functionality. High quality and efficient printing should be prime focus for buying a printing calculator. See our complete list of best printing calculators below.

1. Casio Inc. HR-100TM – Best printing calculator

The Casio Inc. HR-100TM printing calculator is best both in terms of price and performance. This calculator has large 12 digits LCD display. It can print in 2 colors and 2 lines per second. Cost-sell margin and right shift functions; tax and currency exchange functions are available for easy calculation.

Casio Inc. HR-100TM - Best Printing Calculator
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Pros Cons
Prints 2 line/second This calculator can be loud which is uncomfortable sometimes
12-digit, 2-color printer with large easy-to-read display Instruction manual is not available with the product. (But available online)
Sign change, item total and grand total functions
Full decimal system; floating, fixed (0-3) with round off

2. Canon P23-DH V 2 color – High speed printing calculator

If your requirement is high speed printing within budget, then Canon P23-DH V 2 color is the best choice. This calculator can print 2.3 lines per second. It has 12 digits large LCD display and it’s easy to ready. It can print in two colors black and red.

Canon P23-DH V 2 color - High speed printing calculator
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Pros Cons
12 Digits for all Calculations with Easy to Read LCD display Keys are not big enough for few people
High Speed Printer (2.3 lines per second) Instruction to use is not clear enough
Profit Margin Calculation
Clock and Calendar function

3. Sharp EL-1197PIII – Heavy duty printing calculator

For professionals and businesses heavy duty printing calculator is required. The Sharp EL-1197PIII is the best heavy duty printing calculator for price. It is not battery operated it uses 120 Volt, 60 Hz AC adapter. This calculator can print approximately 4.3 lines per second in 2 colors. It has clock, calendar and time calculation also.

Sharp EL-1197PIII - Heavy duty printing calculator
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Pros Cons
12-Digit display, 2 color printing. Calendar/ Clock and Time function Makes noticable sound while printing
It prints at approximately 4.3 lines per second Keyboard layout is not standard
Sign change, item total and grand total functions
Large 10-digit blue fluorescent display

4. Casio HR-8TM Plus – Handheld printing calculator

If you are looking for a printing calculator in compact size which can be used handheld, then Casio HR-8TM Plus is the perfect choice. It is portable and has functions like Cost/sell/margin calculation. It has large 12 digits easy to read LCD display. This calculator can calculateTax & Currency Exchange also.

Casio HR-8TM Plus - Best handheld printing calculator
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Pros Cons
Portable and compact size Slow printing 1.6 lines per sec
12-Digit, Easy To Read Lcd Display Keys can jam occasionally
Tax & Currency Exchange Function
Auto-off feature

4. Victor 1310 Big Print – Best commercial printing calculator

The Victor 1310 Big Print printing calculator is recommended for commercial use. It can print upto 6 lines per second but only in black color. This calculator is durable and it is thermal printer. It has both 12 digit normal printing and 10 digit big size printing. This thermal printing calculator is whisper quiet.

Victor 1310 Big Print - Commercial printing calculator
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Pros Cons
12-digits for normal print size and 10-digits for big print size. Display point-of-view has annoying polarization effect
Fast 6 lines-per-second thermal printing Requires to insert paper manually not drop and print type
Cost/Sell/Margin and Time/Date feature
Two Independent Tax Keys, Item Count, Grand Total, and Change Sign functions


How to select best printing calculator according to your needs?

It is important to choose the best printing calculator according to your specific needs. For example, if you are looking for the best printing calculator for accountants than you have to look for the calculator with large buttons.

What features you need from your calculator depends on how often and in what purpose you will use them. But, there are few basic things to consider for all the purposes

  • How much supplies like ink and printing paper costs. You may buy a cheap calculator, but if the supplies are not widely available or if they cost much then you will suffer in the long run.
  • Calculator printing speed is another factor to consider. If you are running a small business and your customers are waiting for that to print then it will hamper your business. In this case, you will need a calculator with high-speed printing.
  • Source of power is another important thing to consider. If you are using the calculator all the time then you have to go for the calculator with the direct plug-in ones. But, if you are going to use for few times in a day, then battery powered ones are good enough, though the cost of batteries will keep adding as time goes by.
  • May be you need to print date, time, item count etc if you are running a business. Not all calculators do have these features, you have to check for these features while buying if you need them.
  • Color options are also important. Printing in plain black color is not enough in many cases. So, you can look for printing calculators that are able to print in multiple colors.


We hope now you can decide which calculator to buy after watching our complete guide. If you are still confused do let us know why. You might want to see other calculator buying guides also.

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