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Best Basic Calculator for Everyone

Calculators are necessary tools for everyone who work in numbers. They helps to calculate numbers and work with equations. To meet the expectation of one’s need it is necessary to choose the right calculator.

Best Basic Calculators 2017

Basic calculators helps to perform simple calculations. They are generally cheap but still choosing the best basic calculator can be a challenge.  Follow our guide to choose the perfect calculator for your needs.

1. Texas Instruments TI-1795 SV – Best basic calculator

The Texas Instruments TI-1795 SV is one of the highest rated basic calculator by consumers around the world. This calculator is both Solar and Battery powered, so that it will work anywhere. It has angled view with big digits, so it is easy to view. This calculator has all the basic major functions, also functions like square root, tax+ & tax- keys.

Texas Instruments TI-1795 SV - Best Basic Calculators
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Pros Cons
Solar powered The shape is little bit odd
Angled view Slightly large in size
Easy to use keyboard design

2. Canon HS-1200TS – Most popular basic calculator

The Canon HS-1200TS is small in dimension, but has a lot of features. It has quick tax calculation and easy profit margin calculation features. It has 12 digits display and keys like- square root, sign change and memory keys.

Canon HS-1200TS - Best Basic Calculators
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Pros Cons
Solar powered Battery doesn’t last long
Profit margin and tax calculation feature May be too small for few people
Attractive metallic design

3. Casio Inc SL-100L – Best portable basic calculator

Among a lot of options the Casio Inc SL-100L is the best portable pocket calculator. This calculator can be folded and very light weight. It is small in size that’s why it is comfortable to carry this calculator around in pocket. Also, this calculator has all the basic features which makes it best portable basic calculator.


Casio Inc SL-100L - Best portable basic calculator
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Pros Cons
Can be folded Buttons are quite small as this is a compact size calculator
Large, Easy-To-Read 8-Digit Display Quality of the product is not top-notch
3-Digit Comma Markers

4. Canon LS-82Z – Best handheld basic calculator

Basic calculators are used in daily life works. It is generally used holding in hand, so keeping that mind the best handheld basic calculator is Canon LS-82Z. This calculator is in perfect size for holding in hand, not so small, neither too big. It has large digits display for easy reading and easy to press buttons.

Canon LS-82Z - Best Handheld Basic Calculator
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Pros Cons
Floating decimal point system Extra compact for few people
Large, eye-angled, upright display Can be delay for large calculations
Dual power source : solar and battery

5. Everplus Electronic Calculator – Bestlooking basic calculator

Looks is important even if for a calculator. Considering the looks of basic calculators the Everplus Electronic Calculator is best looking basic calculator. It has large 12 digits display with good size round buttons. This calculator is ergonomically designed which makes it outlook beautiful and at the same time ensures efficient usability.

Everplus Electronic Calculator - Bestlooking Basic Calculator
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Pros Cons
Large 12 digits display Do not have floating decimal feature
Big buttons, easy to press
Dual power source : solar and battery


Watching our list of best basic calculators if you think they doesn’t fulfill your needs, you can consider buying other types of calculators. You can see the list of best scientific calculators or best financial calculators.

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